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     We are the Old Church Gallery, and if you’ve stopped by to see us while “always in search of a higher brier and a better berry," we think you might have found it.  We are a Floyd County, Virginia, non-profit documenting both our past creative achievements and our present community, rich in the kind of diversity that weaves a colorful and strong coverlet.
     The Old Church Gallery seeks out the creative treasures of our area and protects them for the community—small treasures such as a soapstone sundial, a wooden doll, a painted basket, or a prehistoric stone axe, as well as stories gleaned from our Floyd Story Center oral history interviews. Those who quilt, paint, crochet, sew, weave, sculpt, carve, make toys and write poetry have their counterparts in our collections across time.
     Colorful threads link our past with our present. The Old Church Gallery motto, “We Remember, We Collect, We Protect,” guides our efforts.  Come visit!  We're open Fridays 2-5, Saturdays 10-1.

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Recently Added Items

Flower Basket Quilt Top


Flower basket pattern, pieced top

John Harter

John Harter's grave marker

John Harter was a basketmaker living in Floyd County in the 19th century.

Stone Hoe


Carved stone hoe