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Flower basket pattern, pieced top

John Harter's grave marker
John Harter was a basketmaker living in Floyd County in the 19th century.

Carved stone hoe

Rutrough family home, Willis, Virginia
One of a series of interviews around Buffalo Mountain conducted in 1999 by a Radford University Anthropology class team under Dr. Melinda Wagner.

Hollowed-out basin in locally quarried soapstone.

Roger Shortt
Roger Shortt (1925-2019) was one of five brothers from the County Line community drafted into the Army during World War II. [His brother Ward Maston Shortt (1920 -1944) was killed fighting in Germany and was awarded a Silver Star posthumously.] …

Pounded ash splits, square base, crossed latching on rim (partially missing), notched handle (ends visible on underside of base). Decorative painting of repeating geometric designs (blossoms formed of black dots with green stripes and rows of dots)…

Tom Franko and interviewer Zach Weddle
Tom Franko, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was educated in a Catholic all-male high school, and from there completed two years of college before engaging himself in various types of employment. Tom describes himself as a child of the…

Quilt made with hexagonal “flowers” using a central print hexagon, surrounded by 6 solid hexagons, surrounded by 12 hexagons from prints matching the central one.

Pattern: Catalpa Blossom
Colors: mauve, navy, natural linen
Panels: 3
Material used: wool and linen
Year made: unknown
Condition: good

print from glass place negative

CLIP 012-Rutrough Joe-1999 RU Oral History-tape 1a.mp3
Joe Rutrough was born in the Willis area of Floyd County in 1923 and grew up there with his parents and two brothers. The Rutroughs have been in Floyd for at least four generations. Mr. Rutrough’s father, Dr. Rutrough, graduated from Baltimore City…

Dough-raising basket made of coiled rye straw with white oak lashing. Circa pre-1900.

A CD with 20 old-time songs recorded by Stanley Lorton, long-time resident of the Buffalo Mountain section of Floyd County.
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