Soapstone Spring Bowl



19th Century; possibly historic reuse from Native American artifact


Hollowed-out basin in locally quarried soapstone.



Physical Dimensions

Diameter of bowl: 12 ¾”
Depth in center of bowl: 8”
Length of carved overflow channel: 9 ½”
Overall width of stone: 28”

Place of Origin

Burks Fork

Acquisition Note

Donation from Catherine Vaughn Pauley and William Everett “Tom” Vaughn.

Addititional Notes

Hollowed-out basin from stone quarried in the Buffalo Mountain section. Water flowed by gravity into the basin from a metal pipe connected to a nearby spring branch. A channel was carved near the lip of the basin to allow water to flow out. There is no drain hole in the bottom.


Old Church Gallery


“Soapstone Spring Bowl,” Floyd Folklife Gallery and Archives, accessed January 20, 2021,

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